The Friendliest Gringos in Baja (March 1 2016)

“It’s March.”

“Bummer,” answers Big Dog.

The water is not as placid as it was yesterday, but we take the kayak out again anyway, hoping to run into Mr. Whale Shark or Mrs. Sea Turtle. No luck. Every dark spot on the water turns out to be a bird. It’s also hard to see anything underwater because of the ripples.

The camp is nearly deserted today. Just one tent and The Intruders.

“Shall we go up to Escondida?”

“Or Playa Cocos?”

“Or onwards?”

“Or just stay here?”

“The battery is real low.”

“But with yesterday’s trip, we might squeeze in another day…”

I am leaning towards getting up to San Lucas where there were toilets and hot showers. Ahhh. The thought of a shower is too good.

In the end, that becomes the decision, so it’s onwards to Caleta San Lucas.

DSC05959At the San Lucas RV park, we drive into the main part and although there are a few waterfront spaces available, we find a spot underneath a big tree.

DSC05981Big Dog immediately hits the showers and I begin washing clothes. While I am doing that, “Dave,” a resident of the park rides down on his bicycle to invite us to Happy Hour at his place. It turns out to be that beautifully landscaped site on the waterfront which we admired when we were first here.

DSC05980They have built a “living room” in front of their rig and a “patio” next to it. He and his wife put in a lot of elaborate work to make a very cool beach home. There are dozens of North Americans there, including Royce and Susan whom we had met on your earlier stay here. The women are all dressed up. At least I’ve showered.

Dave has smoked yellowtail, which is delish, and others have brought all sorts of munchies.

“Have more! We’ve got all kinds of stuff to drink!”

DSC05977The “residents” here are all so friendly and welcoming. When we first arrived, one older resident tells us how the showers work. Now, Big Dog is talking about the battery situation and broken generator and they all jump in.

“Francisco’s the guy to fix it.”

“I’ll take you to see him tomorrow.”

“You can borrow my battery.”

“You can use my generator.”

Have we just entered Bizarro World where everyone is Mexican Friendly and Super Helpful? What IS this place? Land of the Good Samaritans? Did Posada Concepcion Ivan come from here??

End of Day Miles: 2155.4 mi



Author: ontheroadwithsprockets

I've been traveling since I was born -- the first big trip was before I was two, across the Pacific, from my native Japan to Los Angeles on a cargo ship. There have been many journeys since then, through many continents and cultures.

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