Ojo de Liebre Whale Camp (Feb 8 2016)

DSC05423There was a beautiful sunset last night but the morning is overcast. I wake up early anyway and spend an hour or so watching the whales from the RV through the binoculars. Just like the boy at the gate said yesterday, they are everywhere! Jumping, spy-hopping, diving, spewing… What a scene!

DSC05430On my way to the outhouse, I notice new paw prints in the soft sand and remember hearing coyotes yipping last night.

The toilet is a wooden shack with a wooden “cabinet” with a hole cut out on top. That’s your toilet seat (although one would probably prefer not to use that seat.) The door is broken. And of course it smells. But it’s not the worst toilet I have ever had to use.

After morning coffees, we take a walk to the entrance/restaurant/office, stopping to talk to a couple from Oregon on the way. They have two dogs with them, one a 3-legged shephard. They tell us about a pack of coyotes that surrounded them last night trying to lure out the dogs by barking like chihuahuas. Sneaky coyotes!

DSC05424At the entrance, just beyond the parking area, are gravity flush toilets and showers! So we go back to Sprockets, get our towel and toiletries and come back. Big Dog goes in first and says there is only cold water, but while I was waiting I saw something that looked like a propane tank so I try for hot water and get it. OK, so it’s only a trickle, but at least it’s hot.

We decide to go whale watching on one of their boats tomorrow, so the rest of today is spent reading, writing, research and a walk to the water’s edge. There’s a pole there with a fish eagle’s nest. Mama’s sitting on eggs and Papa’s keeping an eagle eye watch on things. I’m not sure what the difference between the fish eagle and osprey are. Are they two different names for the same bird?

DSC05426The site next to ours is occupied by a Westfalia Vanagon with pop-up. It’s the one we’ve seen on the road to Guerrero Negro – we passed them, they passed us, etc. and we also saw them drive by while we had the fish tacos. In the late afternoon, however, another vehicle comes and parks in their site. There are plenty of vacant sites so why did “the intruders” crowd into an occupied site?! Remember how that woman came into the shower room at the Grand Canyon campground and went into the very next stall although the whole room – with a dozen stalls – was nearly empty. Why do people do this? It makes me crazy.

When camping, it makes more sense to cook and clean up while we still have light, so it’s an earlier dinner tonight. Celery soup and the second batch of steamed clams. Before we can start eating, “Elmer” – the boy at the gate – comes to collect our fee for the night (another P80) and Big Dog chats with him. He’s 18 and finds this place too quiet and boring. He is also shocked at how North American campers go to bed so early.

The celery soup is fine but I am bummed that I steamed the arc clams. They should have been eaten raw. Cooked, they are tough and chewy. What a waste. But Big Dog thinks they will be good in clam chowder.


Author: ontheroadwithsprockets

I've been traveling since I was born -- the first big trip was before I was two, across the Pacific, from my native Japan to Los Angeles on a cargo ship. There have been many journeys since then, through many continents and cultures.

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